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About the Workshops

Robotics Workshop: 

Comprehensive dive into NVIDIA robotics technologies


Register for NVIDA ISSAC Robot operating system and AI enabled perception and learning platform workshop

Comprehensive dive into NVIDIA robotics technologies

Workshop Description: This workshop session offers a comprehensive dive into the world of NVIDIA's robotics technologies, with a focus on the ISAAC platform, which includes both ISAAC SIM (Simulation ) and ISAAC ROS. Participants will engage in discussions about the latest advancements in NVIDIA Robotics and gain insights into the ISAAC Platform's capabilities. The session is designed to empower attendees with the knowledge to unleash high performance in robotics applications by utilizing Isaac ROS and Isaac SIM.

Additionally, it will cover the generation of synthetic data within ISAAC SIM, which is crucial for training machine learning models in simulated environments. Attendees will also learn how to import custom robots into the ISAAC SIM environment and explore the intricacies of visual SLAM (vSLAM) with NVIDIA's Jetson hardware through ISAAC ROS. The workshop will further delve into the integration of deep learning models, like YOLO, with ISAAC SIM and ROS, providing a holistic understanding of how these technologies can be combined to create sophisticated robotic systems.

By the end of the session, participants can expect to have a solid grasp of NVIDIA's robotics ecosystem, enabling them to apply these cutting-edge technologies to their own robotics projects or research endeavours.



Knowledge on Basic ROS; Carrying Laptop with GPU/Jetson will be advantageous. More information to registered attendees


Speaker: Ninad Madhab

Date: 6th June

Ideation Workshop:

Reimagining Business Models with Blockchain: A Sector-Based Ideation Workshop


This workshop is designed as an intensive ideation sprint where participants will learn to redefine and transform business models using blockchain technology. The workshop will begin with a presentation that introduces essential tools and concepts needed to understand and leverage blockchain in various business sectors. Key components of the workshop include:


Introduction to Business Transformation: 

An initial presentation to equip participants with knowledge about how blockchain can revolutionize business frameworks and revenue streams. Sector-Based Breakout Sessions: Participants will be divided into groups based on sectors such as healthcare, finance, education, and manufacturing. Each group will tackle a specific business challenge. Ideation and Model Development: Guided by facilitators, groups will develop innovative business models that incorporate blockchain to solve their sector-specific problems, focusing on how businesses can reconfigure operations and manage new revenue streams. Presentations and Collaborative Feedback: Groups will present their new business models to a panel of blockchain experts, encouraging a collaborative and iterative approach to ideation. Pre-Workshop Preparation: Pre-reading Material: Participants will receive articles and case studies on blockchain applications in various industries to prepare them for the workshop. Ideation Tools: A toolkit will be provided that includes frameworks and templates to assist in the business model reconfiguration process. This session is intended to foster innovative thinking and practical application, ensuring participants leave with actionable insights on integrating blockchain into their business strategies.


Speaker: Instructor:  Algorand Foundation

Date: 7th June


Develop a lite app using a LLM driven recommendation with hyperlocal data for food ordering: 

Session for developers and entrepreneurs to get a hands on interaction to the full range in developing a GenAI application. The workshop uses web based development and API calls to a host Model.


Speaker: Instructor:  kAIron 

Date: 7th June

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